10 Great Storage Ideas

10 Great Storage Ideas 10

10 Great Storage Ideas 10

As years go by houses become smaller and smaller and bigger home become more expensive because of unavailability of land due to increasing population. This has left clusters of unwanted and unused things in homes that rather leave an untidy and undesirable home. Even unsafe too. Well no worries we have your back, here are some storage ides that can help you maximize your space while also achieve a neat and tidy beautiful home. Thank us later!

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  • 4. Wide basket

See-through Basket

The great part about this basket is that you can easily see its content. This means you can easily see which towel you want, and be able to get it easily just as well. This helps in preventing making a mess of your rolled or folded towels, because you can see the exact towel you are taking.

DIY ladder-rack

In the case of you having a number of towels, this is a great idea. It is a combination of the see-through basket and a ladder-rack. The ladder allows you to make shelves using the baskets. Not only do you have the advantages of the see-through baskets, you also get to keep a lot of towels in one place. This is a stylish and efficient way to keep a lot of towels in one place

DIY Circular Rack

Not only do you get more a bigger for your towels, you get even more space to enable you to put some other things on the rack as well. As shown in the picture, you can decide to add a plant to the rack, just to give it a nature loving look!

Wide basket

You ban place this basket next to your shower, or bathtub as shown in the picture, so that one can easily access it as they leave their bath. With this basket, no more having to walk around dipping, just to get a tower, but rather, picking one up as you leave the bath.

Wooden shelves

These wooden shelves are not a hustle to make. You can decide on how big the gap between the shelves can be, so it suits your liking. As shown in the picture, with these shelves you can play around with your colored towels. You can arrange the towels to form a color pattern!

DIY Step Ladder Rack

This step ladder rack is perfect for hanging your towels. You can hang more than one towel, depending on the number of steps the ladder rack has. This is also a perfect to use to hang your towels after use, so they dry off.

Wooden Trolley

This method is probably the easiest to do. All you have to do is to neatly fold your towels and place them on shelved wooden trolley. You can put colored towels to match the wooden trolley, thus emitting a calming feeling for your bathroom.

Magazine rack

You can simply use a magazine rack to keep your towels. Magazine racks are open, which means there will be easy access to the towels. Magazine racks are also small in size, thus can be placed in small areas such as between your tub and sink.


Simple baskets can be stuck to a wall to make brilliant shelves. You can choose the size that you want the baskets to be, and also the pattern in which you stick them to the wall.

Wooden ladder

A ladder provides steps as shelves for your towels. And with a ladder, you can decide to store more than just towels. You can place other things such as soaps, pebbles in a jar, dried flowers and even just a green plant!