12 Beautiful DIYs for Your Hanging Plants

12. Sideways Ladder

12. Sideways Ladder

There are many ways to bring some of your plants indoors, so to serve as part of your décor. One of these creative ways is by hanging some plants to hang in any room you please. Hanging your plants is unique, considering that plants usually sit on the window sills or the tables. By hovering your plants, you will be able to make the room stand out and look different most. Here for you are some incredible examples of how you can add in some hanging plants into your home.

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An under-the-table or sink woven basket can hold those flowery towels or serve as an airy hamper to keep your dirty clothes from gathering mold till you get around to washing them. Round, wall-mounted-hand-cloth holders are a total must for any bathroom. The best place to hang them is next to the sink or the door—nice and convenient. Those woven baskets come back into the picture, if there is a large counter area with an under belly shelf, it would be good to have several smaller ones for the organization of toiletries. If your sink area often gets soaked then a solid plastic tray under those baskets is almost a necessity. Low on budget, or at a location where complicated redecoration is not wanted or allowed—L-shaped brackets and simple boards might just give the space needed keep those socks off the floor. There we have it. Just a bit of effort and that bathroom will be organized in no time at all.

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