12 Beautiful DIYs for Your Hanging Plants

4. Corner Hanging Plants

4. Corner Hanging Plants

There are many ways to bring some of your plants indoors, so to serve as part of your décor. One of these creative ways is by hanging some plants to hang in any room you please. Hanging your plants is unique, considering that plants usually sit on the window sills or the tables. By hovering your plants, you will be able to make the room stand out and look different most. Here for you are some incredible examples of how you can add in some hanging plants into your home.

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Make some rings with the circumference of wood and color them with different colored wool or strings and hang them on your walls. It would look like Olympic rings.

You can paint the word ‘HOME’ on one the walls of your house. It would look special and different. You can write words like ’POUR’ or ‘WATER’ on the wall where your drinking water purifier has been placed. Colored small plates or dishes can be hanged on your walls. It is an inexpensive way of decorating your walls. Buy a showpiece cage and hang it on one of your walls, then stick some handwritten postcards or messages on it. If it is done perfectly then it would give the look as if the messages are trapped in the cage. It looks creative. If you are good at using paintbrush then you can paint few beautiful designs or patterns on your walls such as dragons, music notes etc. Wrap the empty boxes of shoes or electronics with colorful papers and hang them on the wall. It is one of the easiest ways to decorate your walls. One good news for you if you are lazy, it requires less labor. If you are religious and want to thank god for everything then you can acknowledge him by giving a small part of your wall to him. All you have to do is, cut some rectangular wood pieces, write a phrase to thank god on them and lastly hang them on your wall. It would probably please every visitor in your house.