13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 13

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 13

I don’t even know much of where to start when it comes to kitchens. So much happens in there. It’s even hard to keep up if you know what I mean. It’s always a challenge to take on with both hands when trying to add ideas to the kitchen. Plenty of people would tell you to just save your energy and time and invest it into something else more productive and effective. Remind yourself why you want to start this and keep going.

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  • Diy Tech Projects

-Organizer for your phone with an in-built speaker

Imagine you want to sleep and you are on your bed and you have music in your phone whose soothing effect you would want to send you off to sleep. The first question that pops up to your mind is what if in the process of listening you doze and sleep on your phone while listening to its music. Here is the antidote; we have improvised a wooden case with an in built speaker whose cable connect to the compartment where the phone is placed. With this, one can listen to his music at a lower volume that sends one to sleep whilst one’s phone is resting on the small cupboard or headboard beside your bed with one’s soul at liberty.

-Customized speakers

Protection of speakers from corrosive substances and  rapid external depreciation lies at the heart of the incentive behind customizing speakers.

-lamp cover of a vassal jar with insulator made from fiber

Ever wondered the easiest way of coming up with a beautiful lamp cover, the glass vassal jar is the easiest one yet beautiful and its insulator is made out of fiber strings presumably extracted from agave leaf.


Probably the easiest way of insulating cables of your gadgets. Just use masking tape and coil it around the cable of your appliance of device.