13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 8

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 8

I don’t even know much of where to start when it comes to kitchens. So much happens in there. It’s even hard to keep up if you know what I mean. It’s always a challenge to take on with both hands when trying to add ideas to the kitchen. Plenty of people would tell you to just save your energy and time and invest it into something else more productive and effective. Remind yourself why you want to start this and keep going.

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With some wood and a couple of nails, this can be done in any kitchen. This makes for a nice place to place all the things that you constantly need easy access to, as opposed to the walk to the pantry every time you need sugar or salt.

Hanging these pipes with plants directly on the wall may bring damage to it. Mounting a simple blackboard this way helps to hang them and in safety too.

Add some texture to your entryway wall or any wall by using these wood panels to line along the wall, gives an elegant touch to the place.

Those sinks that don’t have a built in towel disposer, here is a great idea, made of wood too. There you have a great accessible place to get paper towels after a wash.

Tired of having all the kitchen utensils in one place. Well ,this has the design of a car cup holder and the holes are bore deep enough that you can stand different types of cutlery together to avoid the usual confusion.

In addition to wooden countertops and cupboards, this is a suggestion of a decorative piece that usually goes well with wooden made areas in the kitchen.

This piece is made with wood and industrial pipes. It has all the space you need to store most of the things you use in your kitchen, with a little touch of vintage.

For your fresh produce we also suggest this cupboard, it is simple and easy to make and is designed so that the airflow is always there to keep some of you produce lasting longer.

For those fun lovers who love to label places, this is an example of how one can do it with spending virtually no money.

This is a nice area made of wood around the fridge, it isn’t only for decorative purposes as we can see the functionality it serves too.

A wooden countertop is always a great idea in any kitchen, this one has a beautiful finish to it and brings a vintage aura.

A blackboard is a great idea for those of us who like to keep track of where things are, as we can always label them acodringly.