14 Homemade Halloween Decorations

4.Floating Witch Hat

4.Floating Witch Hat

It is now time you upgrade the look of your home front or back yard with walkways, shrubbery, gardens and more. Surprise your visitors each season they walk into your house. Don’t just have the same appearance years and years.  As we approach the Halloween day, there is much to get excited for. Look up to making new amazing memories and sharing the laughter with friends, family and neighbors in different way, Halloween way. There are so many ideas for this special day that happens only once in a year, ones that will spice up your home and fill it with imaginary dark magic.  Best part of this is, all these projects are hand crafted, handmade and isn’t it beautiful to create something?

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Shelf Rack

This DIY is a mixture of a shelf and a bike rack. It enables you to hang bicycles, keeping them off the floor, thus creating more room on the floor.

Simple Shelf

This shelf is simple to make. All you will need to do is, drill some holes in the shelf, big enough to fit objects such as the metallic parts of screw drivers. This idea also helps keep small objects, such as screw drivers, in one place, preventing them from being misplaced.

Container Shelves

Big plastic containers are a great idea for storage. You can attach the containers to the wall making sure that their secure. You can decide on the size of the containers and the pattern in which they are attached to the wall.

Containers on Shelves

With this DIY, you get to keep more in shelves. By placing objects in containers before placing them on the shelf, you create more space on the shelf. You can even put labels on the containers just to show its contents.

Ladder Shelves

These shelves are built to resemble a ladder. This will help you tidy your garage or shed in a different way. Just to add a little creativity to the room.

Open Cabinet

This cabinet does not have walls or doors. This helps create easy access to the objects placed on the cabinet. You can decide on the size of the cabinet, so to suit the room.

Colorful Shelves

The shelves in a garage or shade do not have to be dull. You can decide to use bright colors to make the room more inviting.

Hook Racks

You can hang things on hook racks. Hanging some objects, such as tools, helps create more space on the floor for other things. Hanging also makes finding things easier.

Under the Shelves

Sometimes, the space underneath shelves in big enough to store things. So instead of crowding things on the shelves, you can place some storage containers underneath the shelves. This helps to make the shelf look more inviting.

Top Shelves

Place shelves on higher parts of the wall. This will make more space on the floor. You can also attach a rack underneath the shelves, so to hang machines or bicycles.


Trolleys make moving things much easier and also faster. If you regularly need certain objects, you can keep them on trolleys. This will mean you can easily wheel the trolley to where you want it to be.

Hanging Racks

Hanging creates easy access to objects. So, you can hang objects such as your garden tool, or any other tools you use.