15 Cool Ways to Hide Things in Plain Sight

9.Book organizer decor

9.Book organizer decor

There are so many ways to make your home look tidier simply by hiding things in plain sight, things like messy wire cables or routers or even old vent covers. Follow these amazing tutorials to learn how.

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1.So maybe you have just started gardening and want to display your new plants. This is a great idea to save space and show of your blossoming garden.

2.A Tiki Torch is a great idea for your backyard especially if you love spending time outside and it gets dark pretty quickly, all you need is an empty bottle to get started.

3.A Mason Jar lantern is great for backyards, they are pretty and you get to recycle when making them.

4.Outdoor drapes are just what the doctor ordered for those hot sunny days when the sun wants to melt you.

5.A tire teeter totter is great for the kids. So if you have an old tire lying around why don’t you get to work and watch the kids have fun with your work.

6.A tree swing is a classic DIY backyard need, don’t let your backyard be the only one without a swing.

7.Backyard leaf stones make very artsy and fun pathways for your backyard. Here is an easy way to make them.

8.DIY fence tables are great when you need storage space when working in the garden and they are very easy to put away.

9.We all love to sit outside when it is hot, why not use this fabulous idea to make an outdoor sitting area for you and your friends.

10.If you collect wind chimes or just love their sounds, this idea is for you. All you need is a few seashells and some strings to make a seashell chime.

11.A hammock is great for those lazy Sunday afternoons in the backyard.

12.This fun magical idea is inspired by fairies. So get your kids to help you make them a garden, you never know. You might just catch one in it.

13.Hanging sticks add a fun, spontaneous touch to an empty wall. You can tie the sticks in any way you wish, be fun and bold.

14.Love plants and birds? Why not combine your passion for both and make a planter and bird bath with these easy to follow DIY instructions.

15.Garden mirrors add a playfully creepy feel to your garden. It also allows you to keep your old mirrors and recycle.

16.A bubble fountain is a great addition to a garden, follow these easy DIY steps to make your own.

17.Don’t you ever wish you could sit outside and watch a movie, well now you can with this easy DIY project.