16 Cool Rustic Bedroom Ideas

16.Three Modes Bed

16.Three Modes Bed

There are many interior designs these days, trends come and go but rustic one will never grow old because it is old itself already. Now, as they say, old is gold; rustic decoration has its unique, wealthy feel that modern décor cannot be compared to. It could be turned old through the paints or actually using old things in your house. This is the most important part because you will not throw everything old but train your mind to think out of the box on what project could those old stuff possibly do. You save money and stress of buying new furniture pr decors every time.

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1.For some reason usually in the kitchen oven mitts are missing, did you know you could use old jean s to make your own oven mitts so that your pretty hands don’t get burnt. They can also be used for the pot to move those hot and heavy meals around.

2.You can make a create Potato couch with this idea if you have enough jean material to hold it together. You can even get some friends to sign different patches to make it a memorable couch. It might be placed in your room or a garage where you and all your friends meet.

3.This idea is refreshing quite convenient. The pocket of a jean is a great utensil and napkin holder and the color adds a lovely contrast with the white plates. This is fun and extremely convenient  if you had a random guest coming to visit and you were not prepared.

4.Every home needs a quilt, why not make yours from all the jeans that have been in your family that are faded, old or simply don’t fit anymore. It will be strong and last for many generations to come and you can add different material onto the quilt as time goes on.

5.This little crown for kids is great because the material is strong enough to stand on its own and you can cut it in any shape and size, decorate it as you please and not have to pay just to buy a crown.

6.This is a great idea for people who love bags but can’t afford them, if you have a pair of jeans you no longer use and a bag why not make this creative easy DIY project to make yourself something new. The material of the jean will make it strong to withstand the weight of whatever will be in the bad and you can add badges and beads to decorate the bag.

7.If you are trying to organize an event and need a few things in peoples line of vision in order for the same to be uncluttered and organized, this idea is great, string together a few pockets and use them to group things and make them easy to locate, it will be very efficient and organized for both you and your guests.

8.If you have a pair of glasses that don’t have a case why not make our own? This is great because the pocket will serve as a phone holder or card holder too. Killing two birds with one stone.

9.Make a tool belt out of your old jeans, the material is strong enough to carry and support the weight of small garden tools also you will save money because tool belts tend to be costly.

10.Make a book bag using an old pair of jeans and two belts that are similar. It is one of the easiest DIY tricks we have for you today.

11.If you have any material left over use them to make a necklace, you just need some beads glue and thread. It will be great to see something used in a completely different way. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

12.If you have bought wine for a friend but don’t have a cute bag for it why not place it in a leg jean and wrap some thread and a gift card on it. This will make it look like you really took time to personalize your girt.

13.This idea is great for plain rooms in order to decorate and just add a sense of playfulness to the room that you are in especially if you will have guests and want to have a festive mood. It will also show off your creativeness and how good you are at reusing old things.

14.You can make a basket or makeshift sewing kit for days when it seems you have too much random material pieces lying around. All you need to use it the leg of the jean and start having fun. You can line the inner side with any kind of material you wish.

15.Make this cute dolphin jean for your young one. The material and colors really do compliment those of an actual whale so it will resemble it. And you know it won’t tear or wear easily. This DIY trick will give you a chance to bond and make new memories together.

16.Jeans can make a great book mark, cut it into a specific shape you can hook into the pages and also add a little quote to help you stay motivated in life.