17 Absolutely Incredible Cheap Ideas for Halloween

7. Paper Bats

7. Paper Bats

Finally! Fall is here! I have been waiting for this season and time of the year or the longest. Fall, or as others may prefer, autumn, is by far my favorite season of all the four. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It is nice and windy. The color of leaves changes into the rich golden red color and everything outside looks luxurious and crispy! My other reason for loving this season is because of Halloween! This incredible time of the year were you get to wear costumes, give out candy and decorate homes in scary themes. If you love Halloween as much as I do, then here are some affordable ideas for your decorations.

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1.Using rods and hooks with these jars, you can make your own small garden with a large variety of different plants, brilliant.

2.You can collect a bunch of snail shells and use them to plant in some small plants and a garden as decoration.

3.For those looking for a herbs garden you can use your old cups in this manner, place them near the window for enough sunlight and you’re good to go.


4.You can make this fairy garden and your kids will love it too, indoors using a nice flower pot and any miniature glass house .


5.With some small slabs of wood and herbs, you can make this vertical hanging herb garden and place it anywhere in your home, a nice and clean design.


6.With the help of mason jars and broken off the top wine bottles, you can make this really cool looking indoor garden for your kitchen windows.


7.A wine rack can be used for more than just wine, this idea uses a wine rack to mount all your herb gardens on the wall.


8.Use tin cans to make a herb garden, if you don’t like the label there is always the prospect of painting over it as you wish.

9.This industrial tiered idea is great on a table top or by a window seal, a creative idea!

10.Get a wine crate and repurpose it to make yourself a small indoor garden, you can also paint over it or keep the originality as you please.

11.This vintage looking idea has a mason jar with a vintage looking board, also great because you can label the jars to keep track of which plant is where.

12.Don’t get rid of your starbucks cups just yet, you can use these to make your own small garden.

13.Here is a beautiful herb garden for your countertops, beautifully and neatly displayed, looks great in any kitchen.

14.Your kitchen canisters can also be used to create your herb gardens, keeps them functional and the place neat.

15.These rattan wrapped vases are beautifully designed and they make for a nice garden place with lots of space for water.

16.If you have an old toaster you don’t use anymore you could turn it into a small garden like this.

17.This vertical garden is also a great ideas, cubby holes help for you to plant different plants as you wish.

18.Make your own small garden using a flower pot this way(any size according to how you want)

19.A hanging garden is always a great idea, you could put light bulbs there too if you so wish.

20.Gutters can be repurposed to work as a garden like this, by simply hanging them on the wall.

21.This wooden box idea is great for kitchens.

22.The herb idea is nice for bathrooms.

23.Another great idea that can be used in bathrooms

24.Tiers if herbs using small clay pots, a nice and vintage look

25.A cool hanging garden over your kitchen sink, a beautiful idea.