20 Cool DIY Crafty And Décor Tips

20 Cool DIY Crafty And Décor Tips 16

20 Cool DIY Crafty And Décor Tips 16

We have 20 fun and great DIY ways to decorate your home and spend almost nothing when doing it. If you looking for a chic and fresh look for your home you came to the right place!

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  • 2-pumpkin-pallets

Pallets Letter Display

Place your family name initial on some coloured pallets and keep it in your front yard to welcome everyone to your home and the new season.

Pumpkin pallets

Stick some pallets together and cu them into the shape of pumpkins. Glaze them and keep on display.

DIY pumpkin welcome sign

This idea is great if you want to get creative, use pallets to make a pumpkin and add a few acorns, a scarecrow and a welcome sign with some chalkboard paint.

Wooden block pumpkin

Stack up blocks of wood of various sizes till you get the shape of a pumpkin

Fall art in the garden with pallets

Get creative this fall, use pallets to make different animals or food to place in your yard and show off your personality.

Big wooden pumpkin

Make this big wooden pumpkin for display on your wall. It’s an easy DIY trick that you can make with the family.

Chalkboard letters and pallets

Cut out some letters and spray paint them with chalk board paint. Glue them to pallets and place them on display.

Pallets and an old window over the fire place

If you are looking to redecorate inside your home this idea is perfect, place some pallets and an old window over the fireplace to make it feel like fall inside the home.

Pumpkin candle centerpiece

Gather some hay, candles and small pumpkins. Place them in a wooden box and place on the center of your table.

DIY stenciled Fall sign

Pick any stencils you like, different fonts and pick out the things you like about fall, or simply a quote that reminds you about Fall. White wash a board and get stenciling.

Cute plank scarecrow

The kids need representation this fall too. Help them make this cute plank scarecrow, get creative and use different styles.

Huge pumpkin pallets

One can never go wrong with huge pumpkins on display. This look is a bit cleaner but still adds the feel of fall. White wash the pallets after you have cut them into a pumpkin shape.