20 Hanging Planter Ideas for Home

20 hanging planter ideas for home 6

20 hanging planter ideas for home 6

Plants have always added a mixture of beauty to every space that they occupy whether it is indoor or not so therefore it is good to keep the elements in the home. Traditional stuff will probably not function because the objects are very simple to be found for modern times

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1.Pine Cones Bedding: Gather these together as the bottom layer of a garden bed or around a tree for it’s protection.

2.Stick on Trellis: Glue wire holders and accompanying wire to an outdoor wall.

3.Floral Box Sign: Simple cardboard boxes, spray paint, flowers and lettering make a great welcome-sign.

4.Relax on Blocks: Put a daybed or sofa on beams supported by cinder blocks.

5.Chandelier Birdfeeder: Replaced a chandelier inside? Well use the old one to help “mother nature.”

6.House Tree: Tree Houses are more common, but this is really a house made from a tree. So cute for little elves and gnomes.

7.Allium Chicken Wire: Combine your love for onions, flowers and fences with this idea – make a sphere from this fencing wire

8.Bucket Table: This board on top of a large bucket doubles as a table and a storage container.

9.Pipe Pebbles & Plants: Repurpose pipe, tubing or conduit into south-western style stone and cactus planters.

10.Little Candle Lamp: This is totally a budget setup – get the PVC pipe from a friend, get everything else from a dollar store or your home.

11.Rubber Mat Molds: Cement in a rectangular wooden frame and a decorative rubber mat on top will make these greatly patterned stepping stones.

12.Livestock Feeder Bins: You may not have any cows and horses to drink or eat from this big bin, so use it for added privacy with tall growing grass.

13.Wine-Bottles in Line: Use the most colorful wine bottles up-side-down as a walkway or garden liner.

14.Rectangular Stairs Rising: A stairs-riser (without steps) and some long planter bins can add an uplifting setup to your overall garden.

15.M-&-M Stones: Make delicious super-sized candy pieces from the roundest, most spherical stones.