25 Cool Design Ideas For Courtyard

25 cool design ideas for courtyard 19

25 cool design ideas for courtyard 19

If the way that life has shown us that ideas are blowing out, it shows people are willing to think outside the box. We are going to look at some ideas for your courtyard so you too can have that courtyard you have always wanted.

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DIY ladder towel rack: Old ladders can be repainted and placed in the bathroom as towel racks. It will save you space and money.

Revamped bathroom dustbin: Hanging the dustbin will allow for easier access also it will make it easier to clean and free some space on the floor.

Hair equipment holder: Hang a messed shelf near a power outlet to store all your electrical appliances neatly and in a manner that is easy to find.

Hanging storage buckets: Storage buckets for really small bathrooms are great for saving space and make it easy to store things in according groups.

DIY storage containers for makeup brushes: These glass containers that you pimp out yourself with a few beads adds a classy expensive look to your bathroom.

DIY makeup board: Tired of always having to rummage through makeup bags and drawers? This is for you, keep your most frequently used make up here.

Toilet paper roll holder: This toilet paper holder is cute and you can keep it close to the toilet incase the one in use runs out. This way the other roll is still /protected’ free from accidents and easy to identify.

Cute bathroom towel shelves: These threaded baskets make cute shelves if you in cooperate a little crafty DIY into your time.

Organization shelves in a drawer: This tip is great if you have a lot of different things you use frequently; you can group them in baskets and place those baskets in the drawer.

Magnetic strip organizer: The tiny magnetic pins and nail clippers can finally be kept in arms reach with this amazing DIY idea.

Recycled shoe organizer: If you have an empty pocket shoe case lying around use it in the bathroom to store a few household products.

DIY potty training basket: If you have a child who is learning how to potty train keep a basket full of goodies to help them in there to help with the process.

Hanging storage racks: This is great for big families using a single bathroom as it separates people’s belongings.

Hanging toothbrush cup holders: This too allows you to keep the toothbrushes from touching and it is a cute way to in cooperate family.

Cute toiletry tray: This toilet tray is great because you can easily move everything you need around on a single tray in your bathroom instead of carrying things by hand which may fall.