Amazing Small Bathroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

9. Small bathroom decorating tips

9. Small bathroom decorating tips

One of the great challenges of moving to a small apartment is the bathroom. As they are getting smaller and smaller, it is difficult to think of how to make a different, beautiful and special decoration. So I decided to gather tips and ideas to make up the small bathroom decor.

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Well say no more! We are here to make your creative thinking a whole lot easier because we have collected 30 DIY useful and enjoyable ways to store your mugs out in the open and away from everything! Maximize your space and spend less. Have a look at some of our stylish and chic DIY project ideas and have fun with it. You can use two or more of these ideas in the same space, open your mind up to either modern looking or vintage feel for your storage and you are good to go!

1.Simple Wooden Rack under your cabinet; Most serious coffee lovers adore this DIY idea because it makes all the mugs easily accessible.

2.Coffee Station Bar

3.DIY Hook-up Coffee Holder

4.Pretty Coffee Nook

5.Coffee Mug Rack

6.Easily Hang Them Up

7.Wooden Pegboard Coffee Rack

8.Metal Hook Stand

9.Slimmer Wooden Rack

10.Amazing Open Cabinet

11.Wooden Pallet Rack

12.Metal Tree Mug Holder

13.Pretty Hook Coffee Storage

14.Simple Coffee Mug Rack Placed Above A Counter Top

15.Big Metal Rack Stand on a Table Top

16.Easy Hooked Kitchen Shelf

17.Chic Mug Waterfall

18.Creative Metal Tree Branch Holder

19.Vintage Shelved Drawers

20.Under Shelf Mug Rack

21.Easy Made Coffee Area

22.Vertical Wooden Bar Holder

23.Boxed in Mug Holder

24.Crafty Hook Holders

25.Tea Cup Basket Holder

26.Black Hook Rail Rack

27.Red Wood Hook Holder

28.Wooden Pallet Mug Display

29.Wine Hook Rack for Mugs

30.Mug Storage Idea