Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn

Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn 14

Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn 14

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to do some creative and cute DIY projects. The phrase “arts and crafts” sometimes makes people think of an antique shop full of old junk or of a crafts fair full of boring unattractive stuff. Well haha, you can get that idea out of your head. We won’t trouble you with this concept but instead we want to fill your mind with some new great bright refreshing ideas that will end-up being useful and looking good too. These are unique and not the typical kind of arts or crafts ideas that you may see in most stores or magazines. We got new innovative uses for common things that are surely around the home such as for pine cones or wine bottles. Eat your heart out home improvement box-stores! Now let’s get started and go DIY’ing.

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Turning an old table into storage space: Cut up an old desk and use it as storage space. A mini stool or a cabinet to place your shoes in when you enter the house.

An old cabinet into a storage space: Turn an old cabinet into storage space for your garden utensils. Repaint it, remove the inner shelves and use the natural partings.

Revamping an old ottoman into a bedroom stool: Ottomans are cute but get outdated so why not turn them into a bedroom stool. It will look cute and vintage that way you don’t have to waste money.

Old coca cola into a spice rack: Old coca cola rack can be used as a spice rack and it is perfect because you don’t have to repaint it or do anything much to it because it is already perfectly vintage.

Kids sitting area from an old head board: If you want a new headboard, got it and have to get rid of your old one? Why not make a sitting area for the kids to chill. It will be cute and will bring the family closer together.

Baby crib into dog house: Babies’ cribs often go to waste but fear not, we have a solution for the cribs once the kids are all grown up. If you have a pet like a dog, why not make a cute dog crate for your four legged family member.

Old shelf door into a bulletin board: Old shelf doors can be hung on the wall with bulletin board clips. These can be used to hold memo pads or pictures.

Newspaper rack from old baby crib: Old baby cribs can also be used to make newspaper racks with this easy DIY trick.

Revamp an old drawer shelf: Turn an old shelf into something new using paint, wallpaper and a new handle.

Turning a window into a table top shelf: Windows add a great touch to any household item that is not actually the window. In this case use it on a table top to keep track of your magazines and remotes plus it looks great.

Revamp your shelf: If  you have a shelf, get rid of those drawers and place some threaded baskets in there. The look will be amazing.

Reuse an old door: Old doors have a great artsy aesthetic. Repaint it, and bend it in half to place it in a corner.

DIY chair made swing: Old chairs can make very comfortable swings, repaint them and have fun with the kids.

Ladder made into a hanging shelf: Use a ladder to revamp your home. It can be a makeshift top shelf and a clothes hanger.

An old suitcase turned into a cute chair: Old vintage suitcases can be turned into a cute chair just add a few legs and really good cushioning.

Old garden chairs used for storage space: Garden chairs can be hung on a wall, used to store boxes and also to hang a few clothes from. Add a bit of color to liven up the room or leave it white or plain.

Old cabinet turned into bathroom sink holder: If you have an old cabinet you love turn into a bathroom sink holder.  it will be a great DIY project to work on and it will save you money.

Old bed into garden couch: Old beds can make great family couches to be used in the garden.

Reuse a table to make a shelf: Tables can make shelves, feel free to repaint, cut and screw to a wall.

Revamp an old drawer case: Old drawer cases can look brand new, all you need is new paint and handles. Feel free to lose a few inner drawers.

Redo you cabinet to upgrade with DIY: This DIY idea is great for your kitchen and storage space. It requires a bit of time but the outcome is lovely.

Brand new cabinet with paint and frames: Old filing cabinets can be made to look brand new. Maybe even make one for the new baby on the way.  This DIY project needs a bit of painting and gluing on of frames.