Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn

Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn 6

Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn 6

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to do some creative and cute DIY projects. The phrase “arts and crafts” sometimes makes people think of an antique shop full of old junk or of a crafts fair full of boring unattractive stuff. Well haha, you can get that idea out of your head. We won’t trouble you with this concept but instead we want to fill your mind with some new great bright refreshing ideas that will end-up being useful and looking good too. These are unique and not the typical kind of arts or crafts ideas that you may see in most stores or magazines. We got new innovative uses for common things that are surely around the home such as for pine cones or wine bottles. Eat your heart out home improvement box-stores! Now let’s get started and go DIY’ing.

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  • 5.Pallet End Table

Double X Console

The X construction adds beauty to this table. It is simple and classic.

Sofa End Table.

This is a little wooden table beside your sofa arm which will help you to put your cup or tea while working on your laptop or catching up a program on TV. It saves a lot of movement because it also has a little storage.

Vintage Desk

To a vintage home, this can be a great idea. You may choose to paint it to bring colorful atmosphere or leave it in its woody appearance.

Piping and Butcher Block Table

It is a very simple table with little wheels at the bottom to assist your movements while working on your DIY projects.

Pallet End Table

And here is another sofa end table made out of pallet wood pieces. It is strong and beautiful.

Simple Dining Table

This is just few hours’ project. It doesn’t require so much wood and that’s the beauty of it.

Lego Table

Be a clever mom or dad and be able to make your kids a Lego table for expanding their creativity and imagination. It has perfect storage hence help you organizing their toys too.

Copper & Nylon Zip Table

Your eyes can’t deny the beauty of this table. This is work of art and I guarantee you river of compliments from your guests.

Mid-Century Nightstand

A wooden table is a way to go. It can go with any furniture in the house. This is cool table to keep your books and make this place be your reading nook.

Concrete Table Top

There is nothing difficult in this project. You can replace your old scratched table into a new great and extra durable. It should take only a half a day.

Easy Sofa Table

You just need a reclaimed wood, drill, screws, tape and paint legs. The result is superb.

Farmhouse Table

This table can fit in a rustic or any other interior design. It is perfect for small kitchens.

Crates Table.

This project doesn’t need any equipment. It is simply putting a long wooden table top on top of crates which will act as the table stands while the top crates acts like shelves. It is still looking amazing.

Wide Basket Side Table

The basket table is very easy to make. You need an old basket but now painted in your favorite color and a round table top which you will glue them together. It can be placed anywhere.

Wooden Table

Another big wooden table idea is this one. It will need skills, time, equipments and correct measurements but in the end, it worthies it.

Storage Table

This table is made with so many sections to give enough room to store as many things as you can. The top is concrete and wide enough to be your working area.

Rustic X End Table

This is also a beautiful end table for your living room.