DIY ideas to add a little Charm to your Garden

DIY ideas to add a little Charm to your Garden 5

DIY ideas to add a little Charm to your Garden 5

A garden for most is a place of reflection and one should be able to go out to their garden and sit down and within it find a certain calm and serenity that inly the outdoors can bring. Well sometimes its really impossible because most gardens have become so boring and basic and they lack that element of whim and fun that make you want to look back at it and want to go back there and enjoy your quiet time. I think we can all agree that weather you want quiet time with a lover, or some alone time to read a book and reflect on life, the environment must be inviting. For those of us who want this but bur have dull gardens, this is for you. We have given you a few ideas to add some whimsy to your garden and bring it back to life from the dullness it might have been stuck in.

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Printed DIY coasters: These coasters are great because you get to pick the kind of print that goes on it. It is an easy DIY trick that you can use to keep your office table neat and scratch free.

DIY mouse pad cover: This is a lovely DIY project that allows you to bring some color to your space. Kind of like a desktop mat that allows your mouse to respond faster to being used.


DIY memo board and desk tray: It is easy to forget things you have to do, a memo pad is great to help you keep track of all the things you need to do. And the tray will keep your table free of clutter.

Revampan old office chair: Old chairs can make a room look old and dusty. Why not revamp your office chair by covering it in strong material with a print of your choice.

Revamp an old office cabinet: Old office cabinets can look worn as though they are about to fall apart, why not revamp that too with this easy DIY trick. You can use prints of any color and also repaint the cabinet.

DIY folder drawer: If you have a paper based filing system, it is best to get yourself a folder drawer to help you keep everything organized and neat. Use this easy DIY trick to achieve this goal.

Revamp an old shelf: Old shelves don’t have to be thrown away. You can make a new and better shelf from it. Simply get a few materials , this DIY project and a bit of time. You’ll have a new shelf to display all your certificates , books and trophies in no time.

DIY stationary holder: Stationary is a part of any office set up, sometimes stationary holders can get expensive for no good reason so why not go ahead and make you own. It is actually quite easy. Gather a few different shaped containers, glue them to a stand and repaint them.

Organization door rack: The organization door rack is a lovely idea if you need to make the most of storage spaces. If you have a closet in your office used to store material or different things, you can also make use of the door by screwing in a few racks to hold certain things.

Iron mesh display board: The iron mesh board is great because it can keep tickets, memo notes and different things you use on a regular in a near and visible place. It is easy to locate something on it and also adds a bit of order to your work space.