Fantastic Christmas Mason Jar DIY

14. Olaf Themed Sno Globe Jar

14. Olaf Themed Sno Globe Jar

So much can be done with mason jars. They come in handy many times for many things as well. These DIYs will show you many ways that you can use mason jars this Christmas. These DIYs are also cheap and easy to make. You will e able to bring out your artsy side as you prepare your mason jars for this festive season. Be unique by involving the use of mason jars in your decorations this Christmas. You will not only impress yourself when you are done with the mason jars, but, those who get to see them as well.

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1. the window kings chair: This chair has a Game of throne feel, it has a window for the spine, and looks very vintagy and would be great for a photography session.

2.window glass house: This green house is built from windows all around; it saves you money, time looking for material  and looks great in your garden.

3.window picture frame: This would look sweet in the kids room to help them maintain organization and also to display a few memories.

4.window lovers collage: This is a great anniversary gift for a best friend or a lover. Add their favorite flower and a few pictures to make it extremely personal. It can be displayed on a table in the room or even in a family room.

5.collage couple frame: Windows make better picture frames than actual frames because you can fit many pictures into one space.

6.quotes on a window: Quotes on a window look great and the message is more pronounced. Feel free t use any font in any color.

7.a window for students: If you have kids around, make sure to do this easy DIY trick. It allows them to have a board and storage space.

8.a window memo pad: Make a memo pad out of an old window.  Use markers that are easy to wipe of and leave cute little notes for each other.

9.window festival wreaths: Old window frames can be used to hang wreaths from during the festive seasons. Use different decorations and also repaint the window according to the color of the festive season.

10.window menu board: If you have a café or want to be fancy at home when you have friends over, use chalkboard paint over the window then write down your menu on it.

11.window bed frame: Use a large old window as your bed head board. It will look amazing and unique and wont cost you much.

12.DIY family window collage: Family pictures are great and so is this concept of a family collage in a window frame. It will look so cute. You can either use one picture enlarged over the frames or you can print several different pictures.

13.window top table: Windows add a great touch to any household item that is not actually the window. In this case use it on a table top to keep track of your magazines and remotes plus it looks great.

14.window hanging rack: You can make a hanging rack with an old window as the center piece. Feel free to repaint it during this easy DIY or simply leave it as it is. You can also add a few quotes or pictures if you feel like it.