Original Design Ideas For a Small Bathroom

1. Design of a small bathroom

1. Design of a small bathroom

The unusual design of a compact or small bathroom is quite acceptable. And if you want to embody the creative decor, why not? Bathroom – functional room and we use it only from time to time, so you are unlikely to get tired of the excellent composition. Here you can also use in finishing materials that in a large room would cost a round sum.

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Vintage belt base:If you have old belts this idea is simple and will not take up any of your time. Simply wrap a belt or two around a tin and you will instantly have a new looking vase. DIY projects will always amaze you in their ability to be simple.

A vase lined with pennies: You have to repaint you vase with chalkboard paint after collecting a few pennies. Then slowly glue those pennies to the vase. It will give it a fancy expensive look that you will appreciate because you made it yourself.

Threaded tin flower pot: If you have an empty tin and would like to make a makeshift vase, use some thread or twine to wrap around the tin to give it a lovely earthy touch, if you are feeling a bit more bold you can color the twine before gluing it to the tin.

Wine cork vase: For the wine lovers this idea will finally put to good use all the corks you have been saving to make a new vase.

Blue enamel vases: Enamel colors are gorgeous and they shine in the light so well. Pick a color you love and start painting.

Paper mashe mod podge vase: This is one of the easier DIY projects that you can do with your family. Wrapping your vase in a specific colored paper then sticking cut out pictures to it. You could get the kids to color in the stick ons.

Book pages vase: Books will forever be a classic look and the pages are even better. Turn the pages of an old unused book into each other to get a desired look and wrap it around a vase.

DIY vase with twine: Big empty tins and twine can make a great vase for your home. Stack up more tins to make the vase longer. Wrap the twine around several times to ensure it is nice and thick and evenly spread out.

Sweater arms for vases: Sweater arms can be used to cover vases and candle holders. You can use different colors to create this DIY project which will be fun and cozy. It could make a cold room warmer in winter.

Decorative sticker vases: Decorative sticker vases are a favorite and the best has been saved for last. All you need to do is collect a few clear vases and go crazy with the stickers but not too crazy. Simple is still the most effortless look to go with, also your family can help you with this DIY idea.