Original Design Ideas For a Small Bathroom

14. modern ascetic interior of bathroom

14. modern ascetic interior of bathroom

The unusual design of a compact or small bathroom is quite acceptable. And if you want to embody the creative decor, why not? Bathroom – functional room and we use it only from time to time, so you are unlikely to get tired of the excellent composition. Here you can also use in finishing materials that in a large room would cost a round sum.

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Most of us never thought this was even possible. Look at how beautiful and unique this wardrobe is looking, it is made from standing and joining wood pallets and just like that an amazing wardrobe is made for your clothes.

This outdoor swinging bed is beautiful for those hot summer days where you just want to lie down in the sun and bask or read a book. Simply add a comfortable mattress on it and you’re good to go.

For those of us who love gardening, this is a great place to place your flower pots. Labeling each layer helps keep track so you know where each plant is placed.

Wine lovers can finally have a place that keeps the wine and the wine glasses in the same place, these wood pallets are hung up on the wall and painted and given a good finish and the work is done.

For those with studio apartments or small apartments that have no idea what to use as a divider, this might not be a bad idea to divide your room and still bring a vintage look to your home.

An outdoor clock. Colored with whichever colors you may pick is a great idea, this is made from a small watch motor and a normal piece of wood pallets.

For your entryway, this is a good idea for a coat hanger, with this you no longer have to worry about guests carrying their jackets all over. Add a wood pallet at the bottom and you have a place for the shoes in an entryway too!