Original Design Ideas For a Small Bathroom

8. In a small bathroom

8. In a small bathroom

The unusual design of a compact or small bathroom is quite acceptable. And if you want to embody the creative decor, why not? Bathroom – functional room and we use it only from time to time, so you are unlikely to get tired of the excellent composition. Here you can also use in finishing materials that in a large room would cost a round sum.

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You can make a case for carrying case for ear buds, as we all know that these days even the good brands don’t give cases to carry ear buds. Even if they give, then also we are pretty sure that that your friend is going to like this gift of yours which you made yourself.

A small wallet made out of cloth to keep money is also a good idea. All you are going to need is a beautiful piece of cloth, a stitching machine and off course your talent.

Attractive key rings and key chains made by you can be very good gifts because every time the person whom you gifted these unlocks or locks his house or car is going to remember you.

If a person whom you want to give a gift is an iphone user, then a back cover or case of iphone decorated by you is one of the best gifts you can give.