Simple Diy Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Simple Diy Kitchen Decoration Ideas 8 Chalkboard Kitchen Sign

Simple Diy Kitchen Decoration Ideas 8 Chalkboard Kitchen Sign

Is it interesting t0 generate an artsy show within your kitchen and adjacent rooms along with your own photographs of culinary tools shot on a crisp white backdrop? or an uncomplicated $43 lampshade gets huge style with spray painted wooden appliques from the crafts store? All these ideas and more waiting you at the bottom.

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  • 10. Heart Flower

No Fold Valentine’s Cards

This card does not have to be folded. You can simply cut up the paper or board you are to use to make the card, into the shape you please. Then, on one side of the card, you will simply decorate it any how you want. You can use paint, markers and glitters to make it as sweet as possible. Then on the other side, that is where you can write down your valentine’s message.

DIY 3D Decorations

For this, not much is put as decorations. In fact the simpler the color of the card, the better. You can then cut out a heart from a separate paper. Then decorate the heart and stick it onto the card, in a way that it can be opened up and it popping out in a 3D manner.

Heart Valentine’s Cards

To make the heart to decorate the card, you can cut up tiny pieces of a separate paper to make little hearts. You can then stick these little hearts on to the card to make a bigger and colorful heart. Make sure that the color of the card will not clash with the colors that you used to make the heart. You can slip this card into the gift that you have planned to give your valentine.

Packet of Hearts

This card has a little part of hearts stuck to its front as decoration. It would be best if you use different colors for the little hearts that you will put in the packet. Make sure that the little hearts are also in the Valentine’s Day colors such as red, white and pink. This is quite a creative idea for making a card.

DIY Balloon Card

For this card, you will need to use a simple and plain colored paper. Fold the paper to make the card. On the front part of the card, you can stick some red, pink or white cut out hearts that will resemble some balloons. You can also draw to add some more detail to the balloons, to make them look like hot air balloons. You can use some more cut outs add detail.

Valentine Hearts Card

The main decoration for this card is basically hearts. For this, you will need to use the Valentine’s Day colors for both the main card and its decorations. You will need to cut out some hearts of the same size and stick then to the front of the card in any pattern you please. The reason for the same size of hearts is so to give the decorations some sort of order on the card.

String on a Card

For this, you will not need to put much on the front of the card. You can put most of the decorations and the message on the inside of the card. To add detail, you can puncture holes into the card and put a string through the holes. You can then tie the two ends of the string so to close the card.

Homey Material Décor

For this, you can use some homey material such as ribbons and clothe for the decoration on the card. You can also add some words onto the front of the card, but with the main message on the inside of the card.

Bouquet of Hearts

The decorations for the card involve using hearts to make a bouquet of flowers. You can stick some different colored heart cut outs together on the front of the card. Then, you can add some decorations on the hearts with a pen or even a marker, something that will make the decorations pop. You can then draw on the flowers’ stems and then stick a ribbon bow onto to hold the stems.

Heart DIY Flower

This large flower on the front of the card is made from some heart cutouts. Stick the hearts one on top of the other and then bend them so that they protrude from the card. This will make a really lovely card.

Heart DIY Valentine’s Cards

You are to cut out the shape of the card in the shape of a heart. The heart can be any of the Valentine’s Day colors. To decorate the card, you can make some flowers with some paper the colors of the other Valentine’s Day colors you did not use for the heart.

Simple Colored Valentine Card

The colors you will use to make this card do not necessarily have to be Valentine’s Day colors. You can use some colors that are simple and yet blend in well together. You can use some heart cut outs as part of the decorations.